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Do your children want to be YouTubers?

The fun way to teach media production!

Give them the experience of being

a director, a star, a video editor!

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Our workshops


Short Session

An interactive 2 hour intro into the world of video making, editing and filming 


Medium Session

A creative 4 hour experience in the intermediate realms of video, editing and filming.
*Or 2 short sessions in 1!


Full Day Session

An engaging deep dive into the video creation process. Extensive and fun.
*Our most popular product

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many students can participate in a YouTuber Workshop?

We advise that each YouTuber Workshop session can accommodate 25 students max. However depending on the session you choose, time can be divided allowing us to engage more students. 

  • Short Session: 2 hours, 25 students .​

  • Medium Session: 4 hours, 50 students. 

  • Full day: 5 hours, 75 students.

How do the 2, 4 and 6 hour sessions differ?

Short sessions provide a concise 2 hour Youtuber workshop. When it comes to both the medium 4 hour session and the full day 6 hour session we have two options:

  • We run multiple sessions, engaging two or three different groups of students in a day.

  • Or we can dedicate the entire allotted time to one group for a far more in-depth experience.

Which YouTuber Workshop Theme is the best fit for my group?

All our workshops are thoughtfully crafted to provide an exciting and enriching experience.

Here's a quick guide to help you choose:

  • News Edition: Foundational media knowledge. Aligned with subjects; climate, science, history, etc 

  • Superhero Edition: An engaging experience with costumes and a focus on green screen effects.

  • Challenge Edition: An energetic course filled with lively challenges, the most vibrant option.

  • Futuristic Edition: A forward-thinking workshop utilizing advanced tools, including AI safety.

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